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What is Pincode’s full form & Meaning:

A pin code, also known as a Postal Index Number (PIN), is a six-digit number that was first used to pinpoint a location in India on August 15, 1972.

There are eight Pin zones in India. One of the eight regions can be seen in pin’s initial digit. when the first 2 digits together represent one of the 19 postal circles. when the last 3 digits correspond to the delivery Post Office and the first 3 digits together identify the revenue district.

There is a unique pin zone(*9) that is solely utilized by Field Post Offices and army post offices.

What is the PIN code’s mechanism?

The PIN is a six-digit number, the first of which identifies the postal region as either Northern, Eastern, Western, or Southern. Indicating the Army Postal Service is number 9.

The sorting district is represented by the third PIN number, whereas the second number designates a sub-region. The remaining data further reduces the geographic scope to the precise delivery post office.

India Post claims that 23 postal circles have been established throughout the nation to provide postal services. A Chief Postmaster General serves as the leader of each of these groups.