Happen, Happened Meaning & Use in Hindi & English | हैपेन & हैपेण्ड का अर्थ

Dosto today HAPPEN meaning in Hindi, what happened, mishappening means, the related word meaning, synonyms, verb forms & example sentences ko es post me explain kiya gaya hai. Happen Meaning in Hindi / हैपेन का मतलब : होना, घटित होना, आ पड़ना, संघटित होना, बीतना, संयोगवश होना, प्रभावित करना, संयोग से होना, मचना Synonyms of Happen / Paryaywachi in English: Be, happen, get, become, go, occur, befall, fall, pass, descend, hap, combine, take place, chance, be occasioned, be caused, wend, slip past,

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