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Mention Meaning in Hindi | मेंशन का मतलब हिंदी में

What is Mention meaning in Hindi / Mention ka matalab hindi me Mention means in Hindi yaha describe kiye gaye hai: Hindi meaning of Mention as Verb: उल्लेख करना (Ullekh Karna) – make mention, hint चर्चा करना (Charcha karna) हवाला देना (Hawala Dena) – refer, cite उद्धरण देना (Uddharan Dena) – extract ज़िक्र करना (Zikra Karna) – make mention वर्णित करना (Varnit Karna) – depicture, describe वर्णन (Varnan) – description, characterization, declaration, depiction, Hindi Meaning of Mention as Noun: उल्लेख

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