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Except Meaning in Hindi | एक्सेप्ट का मतलब

What is Except Meaning in Hindi / except ka matlab hindi me – एक्सेप्ट का मतलब क्या है?

Preposition: Except, Excluding, barring = के सिवाय, के अलावा, अतिरिक्त

Verb : Except, Exclude, walk out = छोड़ देना, अलग करना

Verb Forms of Except: excepts, excepted, excepting

Pronunciation : ikˈsept (एक्सेप्ट)

Except meaning in Hindi

Except Meaning in Hindi / Except ka Hindi Arth ya Matlab

Except  = के सिवाय, के अलावा, अतिरिक्त

एक्सेप्ट का अर्थ है / meaning of Except :

Jab kisi chiz se kisi cheez ko hatakar bolna ho to ” Except” use karte hai.

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जैसे आपके पास blue, red, pink colors की शर्ट्स है. आपको अपने दोस्त को बोलना है की – वह सारी शर्ट्स पैक करले लेकिन  “pink” को छोड़ दे. तो आप कह सकते है :

Dear pack all shirts except pink shirts.

Synonyms for except –  एक्सेप्ट के पर्यायवाची शब्द :
excluding, not including, excepting, omitting, leaving out, not counting,  besides, barring,  other than, exclusive of, saving, save, apart from, aside from;

Antonyms of except – एक्सेप्ट के विलोम या opposite अर्थ:

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Including, include, शामिल करना या शामिल करके

Other related words with except / अन्य सम्बंधित शब्दों के अर्थ :

Meaning in HindiUsage of word in English
except for को छोड़करIt is a nice article except for a few spelling mistakes.


exceptingछोड़कर, के अलावा, के बिनाExcepting a old body, the bike is very good.
Noun  :
exceptionअपवाद, आपत्ति, छूट, कोई व्यक्ति या चीज को छोड़ना, रोक, विसर्जन,Orange is exception otherwise he likes every color.
exceptionableअपवादात्मक, आपत्तिजनक, एतराज़ करनेवालाPoor health issue is a only exceptionable part of his work.
exceptionalअनोखा, अपवाद, असाधारण, खास, विशेष, बहुत अच्छा, विशिष्टHis performance in stage was exceptional.

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Accept and except ke beech me kya difference hai /Defference between Except & accept:

Except ek preposition / purvsarg ki tarah use kiye jate hai. Except ek verb jiska meaning “to leave out” hota hai. Leave out ka matlab kisi cheez ko hatana ya exclude karna hai.

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Accept ka arth kisi cheez ko sweekar karna hai (English meaning is receive). Jabki Except ka arth(except meaning in hindi) kisi cheez ko hatana hai (English means is exclude). Isliye accept aur except ek dusre ke lagbhag vilom ya antonyms hai. Kyoki inki definition ek dusre se opposite hai.

Friends, yah post Except meaning in Hindi / except ka matlab ke baare me information dene ke liye hamne publish ki hai. Apko yaha post/information kaisi lagi hame comment karke bataiye. Is page ko aap like & share kariye jisse aapke frineds & relatives ki bhi Vocabulary improve ho sake.

Aap is word except use ki practice kariye aur comment me iske usages ke sentence likhiye.

Dosto, Apko aur kisi word ke baare me aur jyada information/jankari chahiye to hame likhiye. Ham aapke liye English to Hindi meaning ko post/article taiyaar karenge.


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