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Achieve Synonyms & Antonyms With Example Sentences

Achieve Meaning & Definition

The word achieve means to successfully accomplish or attain a goal, task, or desired outcome. It refers to the act of reaching a desired result through effort, skill, determination, or hard work. When you achieve something, you have effectively completed or obtained what you set out to do. It often implies a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, or fulfillment.

Synonyms & Antonyms of Achieve

Synonyms of Achieve:

Now let’s know about the Achieve synonyms:

  1. Attain
  2. Accomplish
  3. Succeed
  4. Fulfill
  5. Obtain
  6. Realize
  7. Reach
  8. Conquer
  9. Secure
  10. Win

Antonyms of Achieve:

Now let’s know the Achieve antonyms:

  1. Fail
  2. Lose
  3. Miss
  4. Fall short
  5. Give up
  6. Surrender
  7. Abandon
  8. Neglect
  9. Underachieve
  10. Regress

Example Sentences of Achieve Synonyms:

To provide a better understanding of how to use the other words for Achieve in context, here are a few examples sentences:

Accomplish in a sentence:

  1. The students were able to accomplish their research project before the deadline.
  2. She set out to accomplish her fitness goals and lost 20 pounds.
  3. The company accomplished its sales targets for the year.
  4. Through perseverance and dedication, she accomplished her goal of running a marathon.

Attain in a sentence:

  1. She worked hard to attain her dream of becoming a doctor.
  2. The team’s goal was to attain a perfect season record.
  3. After years of dedication, he finally attained financial stability.
  4. The team’s efforts paid off when they attained a prestigious industry award.
  5. With careful planning and execution, they were able to attain their financial objectives.

Succeed in a sentence:

  1. With determination and perseverance, he succeeded in starting his own business.
  2. The athlete trained hard to succeed in breaking the world record.
  3. She believed in herself and succeeded in landing her dream job.

Fulfill in a sentence:

  1. The organization’s mission is to fulfill the needs of underprivileged children.
  2. He found great fulfillment in helping others through volunteering.
  3. The trip to Paris fulfilled her lifelong dream of visiting the city of lights.

Obtain in a sentence:

  1. After years of studying, she obtained her college degree.
  2. He worked diligently to obtain the necessary permits for the construction project.
  3. The company obtained a patent for its innovative product.

Please note that these sentences are for illustrative purposes and may not cover all possible contexts in which these words (Achieve synonyms) can be used.

Example Sentences of Achieve Antonyms

To provide a better understanding of how to use the opposite words of Achieve in context, here are a few examples sentences:

Fail in a sentence:

  • Despite his best efforts, he failed to pass the driving test.
  • The project failed to meet its objectives due to insufficient resources.
  • She was determined not to fail the exam, so she studied diligently.
  • The team’s strategy was flawed and failed to achieve the desired results.
  • Without proper planning, projects are doomed to failure.

Abandon in a sentence:

  • Economic reasons forced them to abandon their expansion plans.
  • He decided to abandon his law career and pursue his passion for music instead.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, the team had to abandon the project.
  • She was overwhelmed and decided to abandon her idea of ​​starting her own business.
  • Due to technical problems, the company had to stop product development.

Neglect in a sentence:

  • He neglects his responsibilities and fails to meet project deadlines.
  • The owner neglected to maintain the property, resulting in costly repairs.
  • Due to her busy schedule, she neglects her health and happiness.
  • The company ignored customer feedback, leading to a drop in satisfaction levels.
  • The manager neglected to address employee concerns, which caused frustration within the team.

Give up in a sentence:

  • Faced with many obstacles, she decides to give up on her entrepreneurial adventure.
  • Despite initial enthusiasm, he eventually gave up on learning an instrument.
  • The group encountered setbacks but did not give up and continued to persevere.
  • Feeling overwhelmed, he considered giving up on his career aspirations.
  • She was criticized but did not give up her dream.

Miss in a sentence:

  • She missed a crucial meeting because of a schedule difficulty.
  • He missed the chance to put money into a successful company endeavor.
  • The firm miss out on potential clients since its website lacked essential functionalities.
  • They were eliminated because they missed the deadline for submitting the proposal.
  • The performer missed the audition and forfeited the opportunity to participate in the play.

Lose in a sentence:

  • The team was disappointed to lose the championship game.
  • He lost his job due to company downsizing.
  • They realized the importance of teamwork to avoid losing future opportunities.

Fall short in a sentence:

  • The sales figures fell short of the projected targets for the quarter.
  • Despite their hard work, the team fell short of winning the competition.
  • The quality of the product fell short of customers’ expectations.

Please note that these sentences are for illustrative purposes and may not cover all possible contexts in which these antonyms of the word achieve can be used.

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