Acquaint Synonyms & Antonyms, And Example Sentences

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Acquaint Synonyms & Antonyms, And Example Sentences

Acquaint Meaning & Definition 

Meaning of Acquaint: To make someone aware or familiar with someone or something; to introduce.

Acquaint Synonyms & Antonyms

Synonyms of Acquaint

Now let’s know about the Acquaint synonyms:

  1. Familiarize
  2. Inform
  3. Introduce
  4. Make known
  5. Apprise
  6. Notify
  7. Brief
  8. Enlighten
  9. Teach
  10. Update

Antonyms of Acquaint:

Now let’s know the Acquaint antonyms :

  1. Estrange
  2. Isolate
  3. Ignore
  4. Unfamiliarize
  5. Misinform
  6. Keep in the dark
  7. Conceal
  8. Hide
  9. Withhold
  10. Deceive

Example Sentences With Synonyms of Acquaint

Here are example sentences for synonyms of acquaint:

Familiarize in a sentence:

  • The tour guide familiarized us with the history and culture of the city.
  • It’s important to familiarize yourself with the rules before starting the game.
  • The new employee is taking a course to familiarize herself with the company’s software.
  • I need to familiarize myself with the layout of the building before the event.
  • The teacher is working hard to familiarize the students with the upcoming exam format.

Inform in a sentence:

  • Please inform me if there are any changes to the schedule.
  • The news anchor will inform the viewers about the latest developments in the story.
  • I’ll inform the team about the decision made by the management.
  • He informed his parents about his decision to pursue a career in music.
  • The brochure is designed to inform tourists about the attractions in the area.

Introduce in a sentence:

  • Allow me to introduce myself; my name is John.
  • She introduced her best friend to her family during the dinner party.
  • The professor will introduce a new concept in today’s lecture.
  • The host will introduce the keynote speaker at the conference.
  • The company plans to introduce a new product to the market next month.

Make known in a sentence:

  • The press release made known the company’s plans for expansion.
  • The whistleblower made known the corruption happening within the organization.
  • The study’s findings were made known through a research publication.
  • The manager made known the new policy to all the employees.
  • The witness made known crucial information during the trial.

Apprise in a sentence:

  • Please apprise me of any updates regarding the project.
  • The manager apprised the team of the new objectives for the quarter.
  • The lawyer apprised his client of the legal implications of the case.
  • The teacher apprised the students of the upcoming field trip.
  • The doctor apprised the patient of the potential side effects of the medication.

I hope these example sentences help illustrate the usage of each synonym!

Example Sentences With Antonyms of Acquaint

Here are example sentences for antonyms of acquaint:

Estrange in a sentence:

  • The constant arguments and misunderstandings have caused the couple to estrange from each other.
  • He chose to estrange himself from his friends after the falling out.
  • The harsh comments from the team members began to estrange her from the group.
  • The politician’s controversial statements have managed to estrange a large portion of the population.
  • The long-distance relationship started to falter, and they slowly began to estrange from each other.

Isolate in a sentence:

  • The pandemic forced many individuals to isolate themselves at home.
  • She felt lonely and isolated after moving to a new city where she didn’t know anyone.
  • The hostile behavior of his colleagues caused him to isolate himself in the workplace.
  • The group decided to isolate the infected member until they recovered from the illness.
  • The government imposed a lockdown to isolate the outbreak and prevent its spread.

Ignore in a sentence:

  • Despite his repeated attempts to get her attention, she chose to ignore him.
  • The teacher warned the students not to ignore the instructions and guidelines.
  • The company ignored the customer’s complaints, which led to a loss of business.
  • He decided to ignore the negative comments and focus on his goals.
  • The child misbehaved in class, hoping to get attention, but the teacher chose to ignore the behavior.

Unfamiliarize in a sentence:

  • The new operating system is different from the previous version, and it will take time to unfamiliarize oneself from old habits.
  • She had to unfamiliarize herself from the local customs when she moved to a foreign country.
  • The training program aims to unfamiliarize employees from outdated practices.
  • The student had to unfamiliarize herself from her study routine during the summer break.
  • It can be challenging to unfamiliarize oneself from a long-held belief or ideology.

Misinform in a sentence:

  • The tabloid media often misinforms the public with sensationalized stories.
  • He deliberately misinformed his colleagues about the meeting time to create chaos.
  • The internet is filled with false information that can misinform people.
  • The company spokesperson was criticized for misinforming the public about the product’s safety.
  • The politician’s campaign relied on misinforming the voters about the opponent’s policies.

I hope these example sentences help demonstrate the usage of each antonym!

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