What is Career in Law Enforcement | Law Career without Being a Lawyer

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Hi folks! This post is providing info about Career in Law, Career in Law enforcement & Career in law without being a Lawyer. Read brief information about it as given below.

Career in Law enforcement

What is Career in Law

Everyone has their dream professions and they work hard to fulfill them. Among them, the law is one of them and has a huge demand in recent days. Ever since the days of freedom struggle, the law has a huge demand and was considered as a respectable and noble profession.

Many freedom fighters in India such as Motilal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Dadabhai Naoroji, and many others have practiced law and made boundless contributions to our freedom.

In recent days, with the changing economic and social conditions and constant increasing of regulatory rules by the central government, the demand for the lawyers is increasing. Apart from the economically lucrative, the law is also a very exciting and adventurous career option. 3rd U.S. President Thomas Jefferson stated “The study of the law is useful in a variety of points of view. It qualifies a man to be useful to himself, to his neighbors and the public.”

The main important thing that comes into the mind of a common individual is will there be a growth opportunity for the lawyers? Yes, there are plenty of opportunities and this role always keeps evolving and expanding with the changes in the legal system. By these changes, there will be opening for legal positions at a wide range with great financial rewards.

One can also become experts in a specific segment and sub – segments like family law, employment law, criminal law, real estate law, and many more. There are also various career choices available like corporate counsel, litigation, media and publication, judiciary and civil service, judicial clerkship, social work, legal process outsourcing, academia, etc.

If the individual is smart, strong enough to present the opinion, then the law is one of the promising careers that need to be considered. The main question now arises on how to start the education process. If one is studying class 11 or 12, they need to take Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) and pursue a 5-year law degree from the National Law Universities (NLUs). There is also many state – level exams for the candidates. Check with the career counselor before writing the exam as they can assess you much better than anyone.

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Career in Law Enforcement

Even though we are living in a civilized society some anti – social or uncivilized elements create havoc in society. To keep them in control and reduce the rate of crimes a strong law enforcement department is needed.

Many agencies in India protect our nation against both inside and outside bad elements and make the life of common people easy. Some of these agencies are Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), National Investigation Agency (NIA), Intelligence Bureau (IB), Indian Police Services (IPS), Customs, Central Vigilance Commission, Excise and Taxation, etc.

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Many young aspirants strive to join these services and protect the nation. Within these agencies there are a lot of specialized departments like Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), Special Crimes Division (SCD), Economic Crimes Division, etc. and there is a wide range of career openings for the young aspirants.

Now, one might wonder how to get into these departments one needs to have a proper educational qualification as per the requirements of the job and the competition is extremely high for these posts. Once selected the amount of respect and power one gets is unimaginable.

Not only in the government sector many private firms offer enforcement jobs to the qualified individual at a very lucrative price. Few of these private firms work closely with the government and protect the nation. If an individual has the dream of serving the nation or makes the society a better place to live then these are the correct career path for them.

How to make Career in Law without being a Lawyer

It is a myth that one needs to go to law school to be a lawyer. Many roles don’t require a law degree but an individual can do all the legal oriented jobs or roles. One can’t be a lawyer in the courtroom, but the law is not limited only to the courts. There are many government and private organizations that need expertise in the law arena.

If an individual wants to pursue legal education but doesn’t want to be a lawyer, there are many career options for them like Legal and Paralegal Assistant, Legal secretary, Interest manager, conflict of interest manager, title examiner, abstractor, Technology support specialist in legal, compliance specialist, contract administrator, and many more.

Few of the above jobs need a special law degree but some don’t even want any law degree. Whatever profession you are in, try to extend your knowledge related to law and you can serve a dual role for the organization with extra pay in your pocket.

The only important thing in this area is you need to be open to learning new things. Of course, it is the choice of the individual but you need to be prepared for all the opportunities that come in your way for a successful career.

People who are not lawyers by professions can also secure a good amount of rewards from this profession. There are many brokers and brokerage firms that do all the kinds of gig jobs and charge some amount as a commission from the customers for doing the work.

Many people in India, learn a few things related to law and do all these gig works and make their daily earnings. Just follow an experienced tutor so that you can gain enough experience for making your own decisions and make it as a full time or part – time career to make the living.

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By choosing law as a profession the pay is not only very high but also the respect that one is going to get in the society is very good. With the continually evolving and changing environments and laws, legal professionals need to be visionaries, block new challenges, problem – solvers, and adapt to the evolving rules. This makes the professions a unique and fulfilling role that one ever dreamt of. The ultimate decision completely lies in one’s interests and preferences towards the subject.

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