Empathy vs Sympathy Meaning | Differences Between Empathy and Sympathy

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This post provides info about the differences, usage & meaning of Empathy and Sympathy in the sentences will give you a proper understanding of empathy vs sympathy.

In the English language, we tend to make mistakes with the similar sounding words. Especially, when it comes to the understanding of the words Empathy and Sympathy. Actually, both of these words relate to the expression of feelings.

Empathy vs Sympathy

Both denotes a form of feeling, so the possibility of a mistake increases manifold. It is very important to observe the meaning of the two words very minutely in order to understand the difference between them. the definitions and the usage of these words will give you a proper understanding of these terms. About Means in Hindi.

Let’s have a look ahead in the article.

Empathy vs Sympathy Introduction:

Let us start to understand the meaning of these words by going into the roots of these words. Both of these words have roots in the Greek. The suffix of these words is derived from the Greek term ‘pathos’, the meaning of which is ‘suffering, feeling’.

So it is clear that the suffix of both the words means the same and the difference lies in the prefix part. The prefix of the word Sympathy is ‘sym’, the meaning of which is ‘with together with’, and the prefix of the word Empathy is ‘em’, the meaning of which in Greek is ‘within, in’. Are the roots making the meaning clear? No, if it is not, let us understand the definition of them. Lean & Leaned Meaning in Hindi.

Empathy Definition & Meaning:

The literal meaning of the Empathy given in the dictionary is understanding or sharing the feeling of some other person as if it is one’s own. Here, the major thing to understand is that the feeling of the other person is understood by putting yourself in the similar situation in the mind as if you have experienced that feeling for yourself. The feelings of others are understood by personal understanding. Empathy Meaning in Hindi.

Empathy Synonym:

There are various synonyms of the word Empathy. The use of these synonyms is situational and no one synonym fits at all places. Some of the commonly known synonyms of the word Empathy are:
• Insight
• Pity
• Recognition
• Soul
• Sympathy
• Rapport
• Affinity
• Compassion
• Appreciation
• Comprehension
• Communion
• Responsiveness
• Being on the same wavelength
• Hitting it of
• Cottoning to
• Being there for someone

5 Empathy Sentence Example with Meaning:

1. Develop a feeling of empathy of you really want to connect to that woman.
2. You seriously need to work on your empathy skills.
3. If you are a good listener and has the ability to nicely present your empathy with the person sharing his feelings with you, I am sure that you will be able to make him your good friend.
4. You feelings express no genuine sympathy for the child.
5. Though I have empathy, I am unable to express it effectively. There means in Hindi.

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Sympathy Definition:

Sympathy meaning is the understanding or acknowledging the grief, emotional hardships etc. of a person and then trying to give comfort by way of assurance, feeling sorrowful for their misfortune etc.

In the direct sense, sympathy conveys a feeling of sorrow, pity, and commiseration etc. for the person who faces any type of misfortune. It is also been used in the other senses of taste and opinions. For example, we can say that someone has a sympathy for a social cause. It means that it has some inclination for that social cause.

Synonym of Sympathy:

There are various synonyms of the word Sympathy. The use of these synonyms is situational and no one fits at all places. Some of the commonly known synonyms of the word Sympathy are:
• Compassion
• Agreement
• Correspondence
• Warmheartedness
• Kindliness
• Responsiveness
• Benignancy
• Attraction
• Understanding
• Tenderness
• Sensitivity
• Accord
• Alliance
• Union
• Mutual attraction
• Warmth
• Harmony
• Connection
• Congeniality
• Concord
• Responsiveness
• Rapport

5 Sympathy Examples in Sentence with Meaning:

1. Perhaps you are feeling sympathy for the child sitting in that remote corner of the room.
2. The character of Miss Hagel was very sturdy and she is known to possess a sense of tender sympathy.
3. I think that one thing we have in common is sympathy for the different characters.
4. I extend my heartfelt sympathy to you.
5. If you are thinking that I will give you a sympathy vote, you are wrong.

What is the meaning of Sympathetic & Empathetic words?

Empathetic and Sympathetic both are adjectives but are very different in the sense. The term empathetic describes a person who is being characterized by empathy. Empathetic means understanding the feeling or emotion of a person by putting oneself in that person’s shoes.

While Sympathetic means showing a concern when something bad, mournful or misfortunate happens to someone. The major difference lies in considering other’s feeling as one’s own or just understanding other’s feeling (not as one’s own).  Learn about Empathy vs Sympathy in the dictionary.

Let us learn by example:

  • Ram was showing excessive sympathetic behavior to John in order to calm him down.
  • Your empathetic behavior can drag you into some trouble someday.

The conclusion of empathy vs sympathy

It must be clear to you by now that both the words are exclusive. For a bankrupt person, a person who has suffered the same problem may feel empathy and not just sympathy. But those who have not experienced the bankruptcy, or who are unable to imagine themselves in the same situation, will only express sympathy to the person being bankrupt. I think this makes the difference clear. If you are still in doubt, please do share it with us and we might help you with that. ASAP Means in Hindi.

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