Submissive Meaning, Definition, Synonyms & Example

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Hi Friends You will learn today in this post about what does the word submissive means? submissive examples, synonyms, antonyms & submissive behavior meaning & definition.

Submissive Meaning, Definition & History

Submissive –  adjective

Willing or ready to submit or respect the authority of some other; passively or unassumingly obedient: submissive workers.

In regard to this, what does the word submissive meaning?

Slanted or prepared to submit or respect the authority of another; openly or modestly loyal: submissive workers.

Set apart by or showing accommodation or an example of respecting the authority of another: a submissive answer.

History of SUBMISSIVE Use:

First recorded in 1580–90; submiss + -ive

Synonyms for SUBMISSIVE

  • accommodating
  • deferential
  • dutiful
  • meek
  • obedient
  • passive
  • abject
  • acquiescent
  • amenable
  • bowing down
  • conformable
  • complying
  • docile
  • domesticated
  • giving-in
  • humble
  • ingratiating
  • lowly
  • malleable
  • menial
  • nonresistant
  • nonresisting
  • obeisant
  • obeying
  • obsequious
  • affected person
  • pliable
  • pliant
  • resigned
  • servile
  • slavish
  • subdued
  • tame
  • tractable
  • uncomplaining
  • unresisting
  • yes
  • yielding

Antonyms of SUBMISSIVE

disobedient, immodest, fighting, intractable, resistant

Besides, how would you utilize the word submissive in a sentence?

Use of SUBMISSIVE in Sentences -Examples

  • “Your Grace has made higher men than me wear your forged garments,” stated John submissively.
  • Does she submissively consent to be disadvantaged of her simply dues?
  • They had been frequently reduced to submissive roles or connected to romantic partners.
  • Fashion Trends—Do no longer be too submissive to the dictates of favor; at the equal time keep away from oddity or eccentricity on your dress.
  • Rather than developing men, an excellent God ought to have created only docile and submissive angels.
  • Their career calls for vile and submissive slaves, who by no means have the audacity to reason.
  • Per week handed thus: the be counted got here twice to look me, and usually preserved the equal cold and submissive way.
  • Folks made them submissive quite simply enough, and many other folks have been thereon baptized.
  • He was humble, submissive to Thurston, and nearly absolutely detached approximately Clara.
  • He turned into a nice enough guy in general, except when not digesting properly, and normally submissive to Madame bill.
  • No longer simplest does each era recognize its own main minds, however, it’s miles submissive to the learning and intellect of different days.
  • I grew more composed and seemed into her face; as before it expressed submissive unhappiness.
  • Jacob turned into obedient, complimentary, submissive, and loving and Rebekah became—a female.

Simple Sentence Examples

  • Most specialists need their patients to be submissive. 
  • He anticipates that his wife should be easygoing and submissive. 
  • He was searching for a calm submissive spouse who might submit to all his words. 
  • He flung himself down in the level submissive stance of a simple petitioner. 
  • She followed him like a submissive kid.

Questions Asked related to Submissive

What does a submissive person suggest?

To be submissive is to comply or respect another person. At the point when you are submissive, you put up to an individual else’s will, which is a real sense, you situated your own cravings decline than theirs.

What is a submissive character in a relationship?

A submissive personality is a person who willingly submits to the authority of someone else. They have got a carrier-orientated mindset and locate peace in taking commands from the ones he or she looks up to. This may be at domestic, at the workplace, with pals, or in community relationships

What is submissive body Language?

1. Shoulders diminished or hunched.
2. Seated with feet wrapped around chair legs or crossed wrapped round each different.
3. A face that shows fear, sadness, or maybe faux happiness.

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What does being submissive to your better half mean?

To be submissive intends to put yourself under the authority of your significant other.

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At the point when a spouse adores his better half as he cherishes the congregation. When ladies center around their job to cherish and be dependent upon their husbands.

As per sacred writing, marriage is adoring, kind, and amicable, not harmful or a captive to dominate the relationship.


How might I be more submissive?

The specialist is in… see her tips on the most proficient method to keep an effective relationship by being more submissive.

  • Have a hot supper prepared for your man when he returns home from work.
  • Try not to be a wet blanket in the room.
  • Try not to be a bother.
  • Show him your appreciation.
  • Take cues from him.
  • Your profession doesn’t start things out.
  • Look provocative for him.


What is Submissive Behavior?

Submissive Behavior’s meaning could be a little more obvious.

Submissive (or latent) conduct implies avoiding saying what you truly mean and not trying to accomplish your necessities, especially when another person has clashing requirements.

A submissive individual is a contracting violet, trying not to agitate others either in light of the fact that they dread them or they dread to offend them.

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